Thoughts On Meditation

Meditation has been based on the realization that man is a spiritual being, with the wholeness of life, love, light, wisdom and peace existing within him.  The tendency of the mind is to be drawn to the circumference of life,…to a whirling sea of external situations, circumstances and perspectives.

Meditation is a form of recovery to help restore our wholeness, unity and oneness beyond a world that argues for separation.  Some think that meditation is a search for Spirit, the One Source.  But it can no more be a search than it is for a fish to search for water.  Spirit is Omnipresent, the All That Is, surrounding and enfolding us always.  But is our consciousness filled with this awareness?  Meditation is letting God be God in you, thereby manifesting prosperity, health, freedom and happiness.  A time of meditation is not trying to do anything or obtain anything, but is just getting in tune with the Infinite.  It is to get quiet and still and know that the Universe (God) is vital and vibrant, dynamic and loving.  Along with this it is to have the realization that It has a ceaseless longing to express in, thru and as you in fulfillment of that which it knows your Truth to be.
Centuries ago it was Plotinus who told us to let the soul banish all that would disturb us, then let the body be still of all its frettings.  Next he stated to; “Let the earth and sea and air be still, and heaven itself;  then let the man think of heaven streaming, rushing, pouring into him from all sides, while he stands quietly.”  Beautiful, isn’t it?  It smacks with the current scientific knowledge that everything is energy and light.  Meditation is a daily way to tune in and turn on to Spirit,…to fill up full with the energies of life, love and light which will see you through anything that would separate you from WHAT YOU ARE, and WHAT you are created to BE.
Now, my dear friend, may you “Go Be A Light In The World!”
Life Is Meant To Be Good!
Howard Caesar
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Mary Morrissey, International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, CEO Consultant, Visionary, Empowerment Specialist

Mary Morrissey,

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Life is ment to be good