Spiritual Awakening is a Journey

It is truly an honor and privilege to be able to communicate with you each month as part of a green and growing community of friends and souls devoted to their evolution in consciousness and the creation of the life and reality they are called to live.

Spiritual awakening must be seen as a journey and not a destination. It is extremely important that we learn to love ourselves throughout the journey rather than become a victim of our own judgments, insecurities, doubts and fears. When we get lost and isolated in our heads we become vulnerable to the ego mind and thoughts of separation. When we remember to align with our heart, we enter a vibration and energy that carries us forward into love, peace and joy.

Confucius stated; “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” That is a powerful message for us to adopt and put into action. What his words seem to say is that wherever you go, go with love. An important goal to consider for this life is to become a heart-centered person. It is what the Divine Spirit call us all to be. It is there that freedom and oneness is activated.

Personally, I continue to be committed to teaching and living the Universal spiritual principles that awaken an ongoing sense of being connected to the One Source, the All That Is.

I know that by learning to live these transformative principles any person can create the life they would love to live. One can go from littleness to magnitude, small thinking to expansive thought, and from separation and emptiness to oneness and fulfillment.

One of the keys is to start loving yourself unconditionally. By doing so, you are loving God, for you are part of God. One of the affirmations that I have used at times through the years is; “I, Howard, love and accept myself, totally and unconditionally. I am good enough. I get to be loved for just being!”

Wherever you go, go with love!

Life Is Meant To Be Good!

Howard Caesar

This vibrant, potent book of hard won experience and wonderfully evocative wisdom. This book is testament to the revelation that we are God Stuff incarnate in biodegradable space-time suits. What Howard Caesar has given us is the key to unlock the truth of our nature–that we are inseparable from the One. What is thrilling in this work is the ways in which we are led to discover the implications of this Oneness for our everyday lives. Herein we move from lostness to gathering foundness, from despair to higher destiny. And, perhaps, best of all, that our journey in this life is ultimately about exploration into God.  

Jean Houston, Ph.D. , Author, The Wizard of Us

Jean Houston, Ph.D. ,

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Life is ment to be good