Our Challenge is to Become Spiritual Scientists

If you recall, it is my intention to check in with you at least once a month, share a message of inspiration, let you know what I am up to, or share any new events. In this email, I share a message and at the bottom inform you of next year’s date for the Meditation Retreat.

I want to address the challenge of expanding our perspective on all aspects of life. Some years back, on the PBS TV channel, I watched a program that dealt with a search for the edges of the universe. It had scientists commenting on the use of super powerful telescopes. The program revealed that one theory believed for years,…that the universe was slowing down in any growth and possibly contracting,…was an error. With the new high powered telescopes, scientists discovered that at its farthest edges, it is not slowing down, but expanding at a more rapid rate than ever.

Our challenge is to become Spiritual Scientists who are open and receptive to discovering where in our lives our perspectives need a fine tuning or given higher power. God always has more for us to awaken to. We are expansive beings living in an expansive universe and as our perspective expands, so do our lives.

There is that within us that is calling us forward to the outer edges of our next dimension of growth and expansion. Let us consider that we can begin to see with new eyes, and with the inner eye that is connected to a Higher Power, allowing us to see beyond any limiting circumstances.

Let us expand our perspective to a place where inwardly we know the good we seek is seeking us, and that all things are working together for our highest good.

Wishing for you a new leap into expansive living.

NOTE: Next year’s MEDITATION RETREAT is scheduled for MARCH 27-29, 2020. Hope you might be interested in attending and will tell your friends! No action necessary for now. I’ll share details as we get closer to the date.



A must read book. One + One Is One has the potential to shift our collective consciousness for the better and create a more spiritually-connected world.

James Van Praagh, Spiritual Teacher and Medium

James Van Praagh,

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