Life is a Process of Spiritual Growth

Reaching out for connection and inspiration can help advance a spiritual deepening. Howard Caesar draws from his deep experiences to offer a gift of inspirational words to impact your journey, and in turn, those around you as well.

Embracing Change

Hello Dear Friends, Fall is in the air and that means change.  Leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground, and there are time and temperature changes to be experienced as well. When Change is in the Air We should understand that... Continue Reading »

Divine Appointments

We have what might be called "Divine Appointments" in our life in which we have something occur that we can look back on as a significant "happening."  It may even have affected the course of our life. Divine Appointments This could... Continue Reading »

Guidance from Within

Have you noticed?  Life is full of endless decisions and choices we are called upon to make, both large and small. Guidance from Within When it comes to guidance in my life it has been helpful for me to embrace the... Continue Reading »

Thoughts On Meditation

Meditation has been based on the realization that man is a spiritual being, with the wholeness of life, love, light, wisdom and peace existing within him.  The tendency of the mind is to be drawn to the circumference of... Continue Reading »
A must read book. One + One Is One has the potential to shift our collective consciousness for the better and create a more spiritually-connected world.

James Van Praagh, Spiritual Teacher and Medium

James Van Praagh,

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Life is ment to be good