Guidance from Within

Have you noticed?  Life is full of endless decisions and choices we are called upon to make, both large and small.

Guidance from Within
When it comes to guidance in my life it has been helpful for me to embrace the realization that I have access to the Presence of Higher Intelligence or the Mind of the Infinite at all times and in all places regarding all matters.  The Divine shows up for us in all ways according to the conviction we hold around our God concepts and beliefs.  I am referring to that statement that says God can only do for you what he can do through you.  The “through you” refers to the opening we have in our consciousness which is broadened by the deeply held belief that guidance is always there.

He or she who has a deep conviction and inner knowing that the Spirit of Divine guidance is always present, accessible and consistently responsive opens a portal to that as their reality.  That deep knowing, held consistently in consciousness along with a repetitive seeking and asking, causes a growing awareness and sensitivity to the various forms in which the guidance is delivered.  It can come in an intuition, a dream, inspired thought, expansive feeling, lyrics to a song, stumbling onto words read in a passage, on a bumper sticker or billboard.

Be Still and Know
For me, nothing seems to top a period of quiet time to meditate, contemplate and listen upon having put in the request.  The Course In Miracles tells us that the Holy Spirit never commands or demands.  It only asks us to listen,…to be still and know I am God,…delivering only the truth as your eternal guide.

We all have a spiritual compass that always points to truth and an internal navigator called our Higher Self, the “I AM” God in you.  It will point you toward the calm of knowing you are always connected.  It will be a lamp unto your feet.  The “Still Small Voice Within” is never frantic.  It comes out of the void of soundless sacred silence.

As I like to say, “Life is meant to be good,” and you are meant to be happy.

Blessings Always,

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Rev. Iyanla Vanzant, Host: Iyanla, Fix My Life

Rev. Iyanla Vanzant,

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Life is ment to be good