Encouragement to Grow in Spiritual Consciousness

Hello Dear Friends,

This month’s email comes with the encouragement to continue to grow and evolve in spiritual consciousness and expand your awareness of Truth.

Never forget that you have the Power of The One moving through you and that this Power Within you is greater than any situation or circumstance you may come to face.

Consciously Move Toward Awakened Awareness
We live in a world of duality, which has opposites, and what is often referred to as the good and bad, light and darkness, success and failure, love and fear, etc.  However, it is impossible to conceive for yourself, both of any two opposites at the same time, as possibilities for your life.  You will either be conditioned toward smallness and limitation in consciousness, or be consciously moving toward an awakened awareness which is consistently making the inner choice for the larger, more positive, expansive, life-giving perspectives and states of heart-mind that create your reality and experience.

Make a Commitment to the One that Feeds Us Life
It is important to realize that our thinking, apart from the heart of truth, remains erratic until we make a solid internal commitment to the One that feeds us life.  Limiting, truthless perceptions produce fear, while unlimited, truthful perceptions foster goodness and love,…a love of God, yourself, others, and the all out love of life.

When you feel yourself in fear, ask yourself:
What God-filled, Good-filled, Peace-filled truth is asking to be embraced?” 
Then immerse yourself in it and be set free.

Always aim for what is spiritually true, for it will take you from perspective, which can be temporal and false, into deep knowing, which has certainty in it.  Truth is permanent.  Fear is starved and fades away due to our consistent embrace and intake of Truth.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.  Be still and know that you are one with God!

“Life is Meant To Be Good!”
Blessings Always,


If you are seeking genuine spiritual growth, you must read One + One Is One. If you are seeking to champion an emerging world, instead of merely fighting the current one, you must read One + One Is One. Howard Caesar is a spiritual giant, and his powerful and timely book offers us an essential blueprint for transforming our lives and blessing our world.

Dr. Roger Teel, Author and Spiritual Leader

Dr. Roger Teel,

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Life is ment to be good