Embracing Change

Hello Dear Friends,

Fall is in the air and that means change.  Leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground, and there are time and temperature changes to be experienced as well.

When Change is in the Air
We should understand that life is always moving, shifting, creating and re-creating in an unending fashion. People differ in their feelings about change.  Some resist it, or fear it, or complain about it, or fight it, or resent it, or feel victimized by it,…but none of that can make it go away.  Its here to stay.  Embrace it as a friend.

Change is built into the fabric of life on earth and the curriculum of every soul’s life-learning, evolving process.  We physically change beginning in our mother’s womb and for years after the umbilical cord is cut. It continues on through youth, into childhood, adulthood, old age, and then transition into the next realm.  Every bit of it is about change and transformation on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

“Essential to notable progress as an unfolding soul and a life well lived is the ability to embrace change courageously and spiritually.”

Embrace Transformation
A key purpose in life is to grow and evolve internally and embrace transformation over stagnation.  There have been a number of changes in my life since leaving the position of Senior Minister of Unity of Houston.  Some of it has been difficult and much of it has brought new opportunities for my continuing growth and expansion.


Every soul is called to slay some “Goliaths”, large and small along the journey of life.  And in so doing to deeply discover and richly realize that the Infinite Presence breathing them and beating their heart is greater than any circumstance, situation, or condition.  It is to know that the only thing that doesn’t change is spiritual truth.  Facts change.  And we have been given power and dominion over facts.  As we become strong in our devotion to learn and live the Truth, it will deliver its promise to set us free.

So whether you are facing something today, tomorrow, or anytime in the future, that qualifies as a challenging change, learn to pivot into your Higher Self, your Divine Authentic Self, where you know your connection to courage, endurance, wisdom, guidance, and the overcoming power of your invisible partner, Spirit, that will love you forward, if you let it.

Wishing each and every one of you a most fulfilling and happy Thanksgiving!!

Life Is Meant To Be Good!
Howard Caesar


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Life is ment to be good