Divine Appointments

We have what might be called “Divine Appointments” in our life in which we have something occur that we can look back on as a significant “happening.”  It may even have affected the course of our life.

Divine Appointments
This could be with someone we met, some event we attended, a book we were led to read, or something we heard in a presentation.  It can be something large or small, but often has the feel of having beenorchestrated by the Universe.  It has a “this was meant to be” kind of feel.  You were meant to be led to this person, job, home purchase, counselor, spiritual insight, or whatever that resulted in some form of good for you.

We are Here to Grow Spiritually 
We are all here to learn and grow spiritually, and whether we realize it or not we are being given helpful clues, signs and signals in various forms.  As one author wrote; “Observing your life through the Universe’s eyes makes nothing coincidental and everything pure potential.”

So I suggest you open yourself fully to the realization that everything from your daily experiences to…

..Your soul’s destiny is under the watchful eyes of a friendly Universe..

…that God has put in place to help you awaken, blossom and grow into fullness of life.  Even when things appear to be dark and difficult, invite in a Divine Appointment that catapults you forward into positive situations, healing, and expansive living.  See that your every day contains a series of Divine Appointments for you to learn, express love and be loved.

Remember, you can be someone else’s Divine Appointment as much as someone can be yours.  So, for now, step on into your next Divine Appointment and be blessed!

Blessings Always,


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Deepak Chopra M.D. , Author - You are the Universe

Deepak Chopra M.D. ,

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Life is ment to be good